Fairy Godmothers: spotless service, guaranteed!

Welcome to our website our aim is to provide a top end professional cleaning service at a fair price.


We understand the busy modern family life, and taking away
some of your chores can ease the burden and give you more quality time for
yourself and family. So don't waste time with these chores let us help you.



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Good reasons for choosing Fairy Godmothers


  • There are NO registration or administration costs
  • There are NO contracts
  • We give you a regular slot and aim to give you a time and day that suits you
  • We DON'T use any of your cleaning products or equipment
  • You choose the chores you would like us to do and can change them at anytime to suit you 
  • We are fully insured and operate a free secure keyholding service with only your first name as a reference on key tags
  • We are a small team that clean TOGETHER, this shortens the length of time needed to be there and means you don't have a different face each week
  • We clean to the very highest of standard and pay attention to the smallest detail